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Out with the old and

in with the new.

The new A90 and A91 GR Supra from Toyota bring a whole new punch to the performance automotive industry. We are extremely privileged to be a pioneer in this swiftly growing platform and have access to all of the best parts from all of the industry leaders and have the capability to render services from basic maintenance to turning your 2020+ Toyota Supra into an all out race car.

From drag racing to road course, the all new Toyota Supra gets the job done.

The 2020 and newer Toyota Supra is powered by one of the most adored and durable auto manufacturers out there, BMW. The BMW engine and drivetrain surrounded by the Supra’s great chassis sets the owner up with the possibility of enjoying the car in many different settings with maybe just an adjustment of wheels and tires to satisfy the requirements. At The Shop Houston, we will make your goals come to life and set your Supra up to run consistently with impressive power.


We have a slew of parts on tap for the GR Supra. From turbo kits, methanol injection, nitrous, and everything in between, we have all of the right parts to make you competitive in your class. The Shop Houston has dealer accounts with all of the leaders in manufacturing of Supra parts like Boost Logic, AMS Performance, Titan Motorsports, Extreme Turbo Systems, Real Street Performance, and more!

Maintenance & Repair

Keeping your Supra in tip top shape is a breeze with the support of TSH. We can handle all off your general service needs and major repairs. We provide value with a wide variety of service and repair options so you are truly in the drivers seat when it comes to making sure your Supra is always ready to go. We are equipped with all of the rich tools and software the dealership utilizes under a roof with the goals of adding value, not making money.


We offer tuning for the Supra both in house and remotely. In house, we bolt your car up to our Mainline Prohub Dyno and squeeze every last horsepower out of your car while maintaining stability and safety for your vehicle. We offer vehicle calibrations using the best software available for the Supra’s stock ECU, Ecutek. With Ecutek, we take control of all of the ECU parameters to make sure your Supra is consistently managing air, fuel, boost, and traction at its highest potential.

It’s all in the details.

We will get you all set up aesthetically too. From engine dress up, to wheels, and even body kits, we can get your Supra looking original and fantastic.





Engine Building

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Maintenance & Repair

Transmission Building

Racing & Track Support


We made sure we got the right people to have on our team. Our team is comprised of irreplaceable individuals with rich and diverse backgrounds. Our team’s level of experience and uniqueness is superlative. Our team works in an enabling environment with shared goals of accomplishment.


We have seen a massive number of parts from almost all of the big names in the industry for all of the major automotive platforms. The products that we have seen offer the highest quality results and best support are the only products that we incorporate in our suggested offerings.


We work efficiently to make your dreams become reality. We take pride in our mechanical and customer processes. We maintain regular communication with customers and keep them updated at each milestone. Your vehicle is an extension of you and it only deserves the best treatment.