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Mainline ProHub Dynamometer

Tuning And Calibration Using The Best Of The Best.

Accurate numbers. Safe operation. Next generation technology.


We are proud to offer the only 3,000 horsepower capable Mainline ProHub Dynamometer in Houston, TX. The Mainline ProHub Dynamometer provides several advantages over traditional chassis dynos. Primarily, the ProHub dyno removes traction, or lack thereof, from the equation by connection the dyno directly to the vehicle’s rear wheel hubs using billet steel adapters. No more movement from the vehicle under load. No more broken or burned straps. No fear of a tire blowing out. The Prohub dyno doesn’t require straps of any kind! As performance vehicles continue to push torque and horsepower higher every year, having a dyno capable of reading numbers higher than 3,000HP safely becomes more important every day.

The ProHub dyno uses eddy brake current to “load” the vehicle and make identical tests each run. Having a consistent testing environment allowing ECU software calibration to be precise and remove any guess work from road tuning conditions where engines, suspension, and other mechanical systems can load and unload as conditions vary.

We love the ProHub dyno because it is easy to load vehicles on, has a small footprint in the shop, can be rolled anywhere, and stores easily when not in use.

Come experience the future of chassis dynamometer technology today!

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