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Precision Vehicle Calibration

Performance in motion. Gear by gear.

The Shop Houston approaches the subject of tuning differently than the majority of performance shops.


We feel that, just in the way a Formula 1 driver knows every vibration, noise and feeling about his car, a tuner knows about their platform. We have developed a comprehensive network of the best tuners from all over the world for every platform we service. Our network covers stock ECU tuning like Cobb AccessPort and ECUtek, as well as top standalone ECU’s such as MoTeC, ECUmaster, MaxxECU, Haltech, UPRev, Pro-EFI, AEM and many more!

Our mentality is, “Why would we try to deliver something good, when we could use our resources to get the best?” It costs us more, but it’s worth it in the end. Without compromise, on every platform, on every tune, the best option will be creating a custom tune just for you.

Working with the best, produces the best results. Ask about the worldwide possibilities for your tune today.

We need to talk.