Boost Logic Engine Breathing System With Additional Oil Filler Neck Vent



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The Boost Logic Engine Breathing System is the ultimate solution for venting the crankcase pressure from your R35 GTR. We are using the standard vents from the valve covers and adding an additional banjo fitting off of the oil fill neck to relieve the maximum possible crank case pressure from the VR38DETT. This system will eliminate oil build up on your intercooler piping while helping your engine breathe for maximum power.

Our kit features a manual drain valve where you can easily drain the catch can contents into a water bottle. We prefer this method over draining back to the oil system to prevent the moisture which is removed from the engine to enter back in to the oil system.

We have used this kit in our 750 Packages and GTRs making over 1700 Horsepower without an issue.

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