Boost Logic Crank Pulley




The first problem with resonance in the crankshaft will be erratic main bearing  wear which we believe is the case in the VR38, stronger resonance can also lead  to crankshaft failure in the long term(which we don’t expect to see in the  VR38). The issue is caused by factory engine dampers tuned for the stock  power level and in the VR38s case, likely the same part seen on the VQ35 to  begin with. The Boost Logic damper is designed to work across a broader range  of engine power levels and modifications. It utilizes a larger higher quality  damper ring than factory so it is better suited to balance out the stronger  resonance created by engines that produce higher torque levels than factory. – Reduces Torsional Vibration – SFI 18.1 Approved – 360 Degree Lazer Engraved Timing Marks – OEM Crank Pulley Diameter

Additional information

Optional 150 PSI Sensor

No, Yes

Optional Plug and Play Wiring Harness

No, Yes