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Introducing the all new Kimbo.

By November 1, 2020January 6th, 2023No Comments

We started from ground zero focusing on performance, creativity, safety, and aesthetics. Kimbo of course has our Kimbo-spec engine, our flagship Command Performance engine package outfitted from pan to covers with the best of the best components on the market. The turbo kit is all custom fabricated by some of the leaders in the industry, Boost Logic, featuring turbos in an all new location to the GTR platform. The Kimbo turbo kit positions its turbos in a rear, top mount location delivering both an efficient and unique placement, truly the most remarkable turbo kit ever designed for the Nissan GTR. Kimbo was designed with safety in mind sporting a 25 point cage, multi-redundancy fire suppression systems, dual pneumatic parachute deployment, and a full featured communications system for the driver and crew. We are confident we implemented the best options to keep the driver and vehicle as safe as possible. Kimbo’s unique and world renowned appearance has always been its tan-colored body, carbon doors, and of course the iconic Kimbo Slice graphic on the rear window. We continue to maintain the iconic appearance with a few new additions such as our all new Command Performance carbon fiber series drag wing and new vehicle graphics, such as our shield, vendor decals, and a patriotic roof design. We have had a deep focus on vehicle lightness all made possible by using more lightweight and rigid structural materials such as carbon fiber and titanium, removing portions of the vehicle’s floor and walls by replacing those areas with carbon fiber, and minimizing the electrical system to only support the features that we need to run the vehicle. To complete Kimbo and to make sure it delivers everything it has to offer, the vehicle was calibrated and tuned by Rob Harper to make sure the entire Motec suite of electronics on board are setup to deliver a fierce tune to give Kimbo the advantage of being the ultimate street fighter and drag car this car is and always has been.