The Shop Houston Command Performance Nissan R35 GTR VR38 Billet Block



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We are excited to bring a new billet block to the market for the R35 GTR platform! Introducing the TSH Billet Block!

Our billet VR38 block was not only designed to easily withstand 2,500 whp+, but it is also available to the masses at an extremely affordable price. With our billet block’s extreme rigidity and strength, you can now worry less about your cylinders sealing and concentrate more on enjoying your GTR. Our billet block is crafted using aerospace-grade aluminum and is cut using the latest 5-axis CNC machines. The TSH billet block is a two piece system. The block mates to the included billet girdle.

Get your hands on the latest in performance by placing your order today. Lead times for production are an estimated 4-6 weeks after payment has cleared. Orders are processed on a first come, first served basis. Expect lead times to increase. The TSH Billet Block starts at $14,849.

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TSH LMR-spec Wiesco Pistons


Manley 300M Alloy Connecting Rods (Steel Rods), TSH LMR-spec BME Aluminum Connecting Rods, GT1R-spec GRP Aluminum Connecting Rods


King Rod and Main Bearings

Main Studs

TSH LMR-spec ARP Oversized Main Stud Kit (Recommended), Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Main Stud Kit

Wrist Pins

LMR-spec Pins, Precision Product Pins, GT1R DLC Pins


Bryant Racing VR38 Stoker Crank, Callie's VR38 Stroker Crank

Head Gasket

GT1R-spec Head Gasket Set .032″, GT1R-spec Head Gasket Set .045″ (Standard Thickness), GT1R-spec Head Gasket Set .052″, No, thanks!

Head Studs

ARP CA625 VR38 Head Studs, No, thanks!