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Introducing the all new premium fuel system offering from TSH! Our Command Performance fuel system for the Lamborghini Huracan is an all in one solution for those looking to take their cars to the next level and use E85/ethanol fuel! We offer this kit in a few different configurable options to satisfy the needs of all of our speedy customers.

At the center of the system is a beautiful billet bracket and hanger we call Mission Control. Mission Control is the home base to nearly every part of the fuel system. It can hold a dual/triple pump surge tank, flex fuel sensor, fuel pressure regulator, and Motec PDM all neatly behind the OEM engine bay covers, safely tucked above the driver side wheel. Mission Control attaches to the upper chassis of your Huracan/R8 using factory bolt holes for a clean and secure mounting location.

There is no need to tamper with the internals, wiring, and electronics inside your factory fuel tank. Leave all of your reliable, OEM parts alone and have plenty of fuel to make 1,800whp+!

The power plant of our kit is a surge tank designed and manufactured by Radium Engineering. Radium continues to raise the bar with consistent and solid products so we chose them to supply our customers with a solution they can count on in almost every scenario. The surge tank is configurable with 2 or 3 Walbro 450 fuel pumps, a fuel pump that is universally adored and trusted by the motorsports community for those wishing to make big power with the reliability of an OEM pump.

To support the fuel system, we additionally include a pre-made fuel line kit using some of the best fuel hose and hydraulic crimped fittings by Fragola Performance Systems, and supply a Weldon Racing fuel pressure regulator, the same regulator we use on all of our high power race cars running Ethanol and Methanol fuels.

Your fuel system can be powered and triggered using traditional relays or, if you are looking to have the cleanest and most modern installation, trigger and power your pumps and accessories using a Motec PDM 15. Our Motec PDM Kit for Audi/Lamborghini includes a Motec PDM15, a genuine Motec wiring connector with wiring completed for pump operation and powering of your flex fuel sensor, and a UTC connector for programming. Lastly, each PDM ships with an unlocked basic configuration, setup by RobTuned (Rob Harper), to get all basic operations working right out of the box! If you are looking to have anything additional setup in the calibration, just get in touch with us and we can arrange that as well.

We are confident our fuel system is the best option currently available on the market as it provides the most value to the vehicle owner and performance shop that is assembling the car.


Most items to assemble a kit are in stock and will require 3-4 business days to be put together and shipped. 2017+ Audi R8 support is coming soon and orders are being taken on a preorder basis!



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Lamborghini Huracan (2015+), Audi R8 (2017+)

Add Motec PDM Kit for Audi/Lamborghini?

No, Yes

Surge Tank Configuration

Dual Pump, Triple Pump, Dual Brushless

Add Fragola Fuel Line Kit

No, Yes

Add Premade Wiring Harness (No PDM)

No, Yes