T1 Race Development GT1R Carbon Drag Front Brake Kit





GT1R Carbon Drag Front Brake Kit for the R35 GT-R. Includes Strange 11″ carbon rotors, Strange carbon pads, T1 brake caliper adaptor, brake lines, and all fasteners.

GT1R Carbon Front Brake Kit Weight Savings:

From stock – 32lbs per side (64lb total savings)

From GT1R Steel Front Drag Brake Kit – 18lbs per side (36lb total savings)

*The complete brake kit is solely intended for use at the drag strip with an adequate parachute system. The front brakes are not recommended for street use*

Installation instructions can be found HERE. Strange recommends retorquing the rotor hats before every event (15-20 ft-lbs.)

*While not required, we do recommend replacing the factory wheel studs with ARP extended studs.



Small brake kits are nothing new in the R35 drag racing world. The T1 front and rear Drag Packs have been an incredibly popular option for drag racers looking to shed weight and run smaller wheels for more optimal tire sizes. When compared to stock the ~60lbs of weight saved (49lbs from rotors alone) is a big deal, and definitely the perfect option for street cars looking to retain great braking. As the drag racing scene with the R35 community continues to grow, so does the desire for less weight. It’s no secret getting a ton of weight out of these cars isn’t always easy, but we are proud to announce the latest, and lightest, brake kit ever available for the R35.


Using the same 11” Strange Engineering carbon brake rotor on all four corners has allowed us to drop an astounding 90lbs of weight (from stock), simply from rotors. Additionally, we have fitted a full set of Strange four-piston calipers and carbon brake pads using proprietary T1 mounting bracketry both front and rear. The brackets are billet 6061-T6 aluminum finished in hard black anodize. Another 33lbs of weight is shed from the stock calipers, pads, and emergency brake components. With over 120lbs of weight removed in total, there are no other kits on the market that compare.


Each kit ships complete with black sleeved stainless steel braided lines, factory hard line adapter fittings, and all necessary hardware to make installation a breeze. Minor alterations need to be made to the front knuckles for front caliper clearance. This does not prevent the factory calipers and rotors from going back on, if you want to swap back and forth for street and track use.