ShepTrans Shep Transmission GTR – R35 TRANSMISSION REBUILD STAGE 2.5


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Stage 2.5 v2
Dodson 1st gear set
Dodson/Exedy 8 disc clutch
Dodson Forged A basket
Dodson Forged B basket
Dodson Piston shaft seals
Sheptrans FWD ( ETS ) Billet ball retainer
Dodson FWD retainer
Dodson Mechanical lock #1
Dodson Mechanical lock #2
Dodson O-ring and seal upgrade kit
Dodson Oil pump shaft upgrade with blueprint
Dodson Output shaft end float shim
Dodson 2,4,6 Thrust bearing circlip
Dodson 1,3,5 Thrust bearing circlip
Dodson Selector Piston Shims x 4
6 neodymium magnets
Dodson High temp rear differential oil seal
Dodson Stainless re-usable internal filter
OEM Fwd output seal
OEM Rear Differential Axle Seals
Oem Nissan transmission and rear differential drain plug gasket
Oem Nissan transmission and Rear differential fill plug gasket
Year Specific Required Upgrades

$885 (3) Dodson Gear Selector Ring Upgrade ( 2009-11)

$450 – ShepTrans Viton piston seal upgrade ( 2009-11)

Core Required

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