Porsche 911 991.1 & 991.2 Brushless Fuel System With Billet Surge Tank & Controller





The proper way to fuel higher power on the 3.8 DFI motor and the only way to run E-85 on the factory DME!

Finally, a precisely controlled supplemental port injection fuel system for the 3.8 DFI motor! The idea along with all hardware, electronics, and tuning software was developed in house during our quest to shatter the half mile world record and bring something new to the direct injected performance engine market. Features seamless integration with the factory DME ensuring true sequential port fuel delivery as well as allowing the factory torque management to function as if it were stock. This system is compatible with any tuning method of the factory DME operating in piggyback mode with our injector controller, or in standalone mode for aftermarket ECU’s.


More Info:

Porsche 991 Fuel Line Diagram

Compatible Fuel Injectors:
ID1050x (1,065cc): Part # 1050.
ID1300x (1,335cc): Part # 1300.
ID1700x (1,725cc): Part # 1700.
ID2600-XDS (2,600cc): Part # 2600.