Motec C1212 Digital Dash Plug and Play Kit for Nissan GTR R35




This complete kit includes the MoTeC C1212 dash, a plug and play wiring harness, a billet C1212 mount, and a base dash calibration.


The C1212 is the latest model in MoTeC’s range of Color Displays and Color Display Loggers, featuring an impressively generous, high resolution, full color screen. Stylishly designed with powerful functionality, the C1212 provides a sophisticated display plus data logging, auxiliary control and video camera input and display, all in one streamlined device.

Measuring an incredible 12 inches diagonally, the ultra-bright screen is vibrant and anti-reflective, making it easy to view in direct sunlight. Numerous selectable layouts are supplied with configurable channels, labels and color schemes. Or, for the flexibility to treat your screen as a blank canvas and design your own layout with unique graphics, sponsor logos, custom icons and gauges, opt for the new Display Creator upgrade. All C1212 displays include (reverse camera) composite video input functionality and USB Logging (upgrade).


The street version of our harness allows for a 100% PNP installation of the Motec C1212 color display,
and allows removal of the OE instrument cluster. The OE cluster can not be removed otherwise, as it’s
relaying a lot of CAN communication to other modules in the car. This harness, along with our C1212
calibration, allows full OE cluster removal. Paired with the billet C1212 mount, this
makes a full cluster swap a 100% PNP install.

This install brings in many channels over CAN, and also the necessary wired inputs for full street
functionality like parking brake switch, seat belt warning inputs, fuel level, etc.
The C1212 inputs that are unused are terminated to a connector labeled ‘spare’ for future expansion
should you want to add any sensors or video input (can set it up to display a reverse camera on the
screen in reverse).