Magnus Motorsport R35 GTR Dry Sump Kit


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The GTR is not perfect in every way

The engineers at Nissan did an excellent job at designing the VR38DETT. Although we doubt that the engineers would have ever imagined what kind of power the Godzilla would be making today. However the GTR is not perfect in every way. When adding RPM or upgrading to large turbo’s it puts a strain on the factory oiling system which can and will lead to catastrophic failure, which we’re sure some of you reading this have already experienced. As engine technology and tire technology begin to reach new heights the amount of G-Force an engine experiences has increased dramatically. As they increase to the point where limitation to the factory engineered oil systems are being reached.

No more loss of oil pressure

Dry sump oiling systems are far from new technology. They have been in use for decades and first originated to help against oil starvation in aircrafts that flew inverted (upside-down).  As cars begin to accelerate and corner with increased G-Forces, combined with increased crankcase pressure it becomes apparent that the OEM oil systems will not be able to provide adequate oil supply and oil evacuation. Also as an engine makes more power it will require more oil pressure, more volume and greater oil capacity. All of these issues are addressed with a dry sump oiling system.

Due to the efficiency of our Peterson Dry Dump Pump the scavenge pump section works so well that the engine can be kept almost completely free if any lingering oil. It is very important to understand that the only oil in the crankcase when a dry sump equipped engine is running at full power is droplets of oil that are being shed from the crankshaft bearing and camshaft bearing areas. Be aware that there is no alternative to a dry sump system. In order to maintain a reliable racing engine there must always be a consistent direct supply of engine oil.

Let’s set records

We knew that with the GTR’s ability to make high horsepower and torque keeping the motor wet sump was only going to go so far. This is when we decided to take our knowledge and experience and develop a dry sump system for the GTR. At this point we have supplied all of the fastest Nissan R35’s around the world with our Dry Sump system. Not only have we supplied the fastest drag cars but also road course cars. Our customers know that it is a necessity to run our dry sump system when building their GTR! We have developed an easy to bolt in dry sump kit with all the parts, brackets and even bolts!


  • Peterson R4 Dry sump pump
  • Magnus dry sump oil pan
  • Magnus Oil plate
  • Modified Peterson oil tank
  • Dry dump drive assembly
  • Brackets
  • Fittings
  • Hardware