Extreme Turbo Systems ETS 2008-2019 Nissan GTR Front Facing Drag Turbo Kit




This kit is designed for maximum performance!  

Previously, we held the world record for the quickest and fastest GT-R with a time of 7.32 @ 196mph using our top mount turbo kit and an air to air intercooler, but with competitor builds transforming from street trim to full drag cars a new kit was born for maximum horsepower.

2300whp @ 54psi with more to go!

The Extreme Turbo Systems Drag Turbo Kit puts down 2309whp at 54 psi with plenty left on the table using Twin ETS Spec 8385mm Turbochargers from Precision Turbo.  This kit is capable of running over 70 psi!

No Restrictions!

This kit features hand built large runner exhaust manifolds, twin 4.0″ fender exit exhausts and 3.5″ intercooler piping from the intercooler to the throttle bodies for maximum flow!


  • ETS Large Runner Drag Manifolds
  • ETS Fender Exit 4.0″ Exhaust w/ Titanium Tips
  • Twin 8385 CEA Billet Turbochargers
  • ETS Water/AIr Intercooler
  • ETS 3.5″ Intercooler PIping

Please Note: This is a tuner kit and some custom fabrication may be required.

Turbo Kit Accomplishments

  • Fastest 1/4 Mile GT-R in the world – 214mph
  • 6.98 @ 214.89mph
  • Fastest 1/2 Mile GT-R in the world – 255mph