Boost Logic Supra MKV A90 Turbo Kit


  • Air Filter Type*
  • Turbo Choice*
  • Water & Oil Lines*
  • Compressor Modifications*
  • Ceramic Coating*
  • Powder Coating*
  • Blow Off Valve Option
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The Boost Logic turbo kit for the 2020 Toyota A90 GR Supra is the best bang for your buck for your Supra. Turn up the boost and experience real power with this absolutely amazing kit made in Austin, TX. The choice of turbo is completely up to you with offerings from Garrett and Precision; you can never go wrong. Installation is a breeze. Once you get the stock equipment and turbo off, the turbo kit comes together like OEM fitment but with a little extra go-go juice on tap. Order today and expect your kit to arrive in only 2-3 weeks!

Additional information

Air Filter Type

Standard Boost Logic Filter, Stainless Boost Logic Filter

Turbo Choice

Garrett GTX 3576, Garrett GTX 3582, Garrett G-Series G25-660, Garrett G-Series G30-770, Garrett G-Series G30-900, Garrett G-Series G35-900, Garrett G-Series G55-1050, Precision PTE 5558, Precision PTE 6062, Precision PTE 5858, Precision PTE 5862, Precision PTE 6266, Precision PTE 6466, Precision PTE 6870, Precision PTE 6875

Water & Oil Lines

Send In OEM Cores For Modification, Brand New OEM Lines

Compressor Modifications

No Thanks, T51R Mod

Wastegate Configuration

Recirculating, Vent To Atmosphere

Ceramic Coating

No Thanks, Black, Silver

Powder Coating

No Thanks, I'd Like Them Raw, Yes

Blow Off Valve Option

Turbosmart BOV Kompact EM Dual Port, Turbosmart BOV Controller Kit – Controller and Hardware Only (No BOV Included)