AMS Performance Alpha Performance R35 GTR GR6 Drop Gears



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Unlock the 6’s! Our R35 GTR Drop Gear Set is an AMS exclusive and an integral component in the BIG tire conversion. To run a 6 in an R35 GTR you need the big tire. To run the big tire you need this set of drop gears. Be the first to the finish. Be the Alpha. Order your R35 GTR drop gears today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Critical component to Unlocking the 6’s
  • Made from billet high tensile alloy steel
  • Part of the Alpha big tire conversion
  • An AMS exclusive component
  • No need to turn off AWD
  • Correctly sizes the gear ratio to make running a 29.5″ tire possible
  • Rear gear compensates for bigger tire resulting in higher tire torque than compensating with front gear
  • Big tire conversion consists of Billet Knuckles, Drop Gears, and 15″ Wheels!
  • A 29.5″ rear tire is required for this set up to function properly