AMS Performance Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Fuel Feed Drain Line



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Alpha R35 GT-R Fuel Feed Drain Line

The Alpha GT-R fuel drain line is the perfect solution for those needing to swap fuel on the fly.  The unit connects to the factory fuel feed line in seconds and is extremely easy to use. Pop the hood, connect the unit to the factory fuel line, put the other end in a fuel safe container, start the car, open the valve slowly and the fuel is bypassed into the container!

This method of fuel removal is favorable over draining from the return side because the fuel tank will be completely emptied.  When pulling fuel out of the system from the drain side, the factory fuel tank’s syphon/jet pumps may not work, preventing fuel from transferring from one side of the tank to the other so only half of the tank is actually empty.

The Alpha Fuel Feed Drain Line Kit comes complete with CNC aluminum fitting, adjustable flow valve and professionally crimped lines for safety.