Boost Logic Lightweight Drag Racing Brake Kit Nissan R35 GTR 09+


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Reaching power levels no one could have previously imagined, traction for our monster power GTR’s became an issue. Even with the aid of the most advanced ATTESA E-TS 4WD system yet, dialing suspension setups, and using top quality drag radials with 18 inch wheels, we couldn’t produce the 60FT times we hoped for to get our timeslips down to where we wanted. Just as we had previously done with the Supra platform years ago, downsizing the rear brakes allowed us to fit smaller wheels in order to utilize larger sidewall tires. During the Supra days, Twin Turbo model rear brakes were replaced by the smaller rear brakes of the non-turbo Supra in order to fit smaller wheels, in-turn allowing us to use tires with much thicker sidewalls.

At Boost Logic, our Drag Racing Brake Kit for the R35 is suited for the drag-racing oriented Nissan GTR. Unlike the factory Brembo brakes, our Drag Racing Brake Kit allows for you to downsize your wheels to run 15″ or 16″ wheels for thicker sidewall tires and a larger contact patch.

This kit is designed specifically for drag racing and will require a parachute. Weight savings are tremendous and unsprung weight has also been greatly decreased.

Nissan Factory Brakes Weight:

  • OEM Brembo Caliper – 11.4 lbs

  • OEM Rear Caliper – 10.2 lbs

  • OEM Front Rotor w/Pads – 25 lbs

  • OEM Rear Rotor w/Pads – 26.2 lbs

  • TOTAL = 145.6 lbs

Boost Logic Drag Brakes Weight:

  • Boost Logic Front Caliper w/ Pads and Bracket – 4.8 lbs

  • Boost Logic Front Rotor – 10 lbs

  • Boost Logic Rear Rotor – 6.2 lbs

  • Boost Logic Rear Caliper w/ Pads and Bracket – 4.8 lbs

  • TOTAL = 51.6 lbs

The Boost Logic Drag Brake Kit reduces the car’s weight by 94lbs total with 83.2lbs being rotational mass. The smaller Rotors & Calipers have also allowed Boost Logic to run a 15″ Wheel in the rear with the correct offset to mount the tires with the largest possible sidewalls. Due to the spindle in the front being so large, it is not possible to install 15” wheels on the front as well. We recommend using a 17″ or 18″ front wheels.


  • Drag Racing specific light weight kit

  • Reduced rotational mass by over 83 pounds

  • 100% Bolt-on kit (slight modification to rear dust shields required)

NOTE: Designed specifically for drag racing where a parachute is required..

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