Boost Logic High Flow Titanium Valve Cover Fittings




Boost Logic High Flow Titanium Valve Cover Fittings

At high horsepower applications, the VR38DETT creates huge amounts of crankcase pressure. Our Boost Logic Engine Breathing Kit is phenomenal in reducing this pressure and our latest product is another huge item to combat extreme crankcase pressure.

Our custom fittings press fit into the OEM Valve covers. No longer will you have to drill, tap and hope and pray that you have cleaned all of the metal shavings out of your valve covers. Manufactured from Billet Titanium, we are able to have a thinner wall than any other material, which allows for higher flow than any other plug and play solution.

The fittings offer a tapered end to easily tap into the valve covers and the other end is a -8 fitting to easily connect to your catch can system.

2 fittings required per vehicle, price is per pair of fittings