AP Racing Front J-Hook Replacement Rotors (2012+ R35 GT-R) [NIS3920AJ]



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The OEM rotors on the new GT-R are a 2-piece floating system. The iron portion of the disc is drilled from the factory, which has proven problematic for those driving their GT-R’s aggressively on the racetrack. Many have seen excessive cracking and premature wear. The drilled OE replacement rotors are also extremely expensive at $1200 per rotor for the front, and $878 per rotor for the rear!

Essex has worked with AP Racing to come up with an alternative that offers both superior performance and tremendous value. Essex is offering a direct replacement iron disc that will bolt onto the OE aluminum rotor hat.

Primary discs benefits:

  • Directional, curved internal vane design that flows substantially more air than the OEM pillar vane design = lower temps, less fade, less pad and rotor wear.
  • AP’s patented J-Hook groove pattern- Crack resistance is much greater than the OEM drilled design.  Currently used in professional motorsport venues such as NASCAR, the J-Hook groove pattern is designed to provide outstanding bite for the pads, while promoting even heating and cooling of the disc face. The results are minimal distortion, constant pad contact, and less pad deposition, vibration and judder.
  • Substantially less expensive than OEM components.

Please note:

  • These rotors for the 2012 have additional fastening points for added strength. Therefore, AP Racing hats are also included since rotors will not match with the OEM hats.
  • Hats are already attached and torqued to manufacturer spec.
  • Attachment kits can be re-used if you already have the AP racing brake disks.
  • Fits 2012 Nissan R35 GTR