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We made sure we got the right people to have on our team. Our team is comprised of irreplaceable individuals with rich and diverse backgrounds. Our team’s level of experience and uniqueness is superlative. Our team works in an enabling environment with shared goals of accomplishment.

David Oden


David’s role as owner of The Shop Houston is to oversee all aspects of the business. From strategic planning and goal setting for both the office team and shop team, to handling all financial arrangements and accounting, and building business relationships. David does it all! David also spends a sizable amount of time wrenching on cars and contributing his efforts to high horsepower automotive projects.

Vaughn Simon

Marketing Manager

Vaughn’s role is to strategize and manage execution of marketing projects that positively add value to the automotive community and build our brand. Vaughn also oversees daily business operations, tactfully plans large automotive projects, and administers sales. Additionally, Vaughn works closely with vehicle calibrators, coordinates tuning, and vehicle logging.

Josiah Joseph

Performance Technician

Josiah, AKA Jay, is a performance technician. Jay is an expert in all things automotive! From basic maintenance, to building race cars, and everything in between, Jay instinctively knows how to get the job done the right way. Jay is a vehicle calibrator, a graduate of Hennessey Tuner School, and has a great deal of experience tuning on standalone ECU platforms such as AEM and Haltech.

Darrell Ferguson

Shop Manager

Darrell’s role is to oversee all of the automotive projects completed, strategize and schedule jobs, create and improve upon processes to become more time efficient, and of course, performance and maintenance work on vehicles. Darrell’s extremely rich background influences consistent high quality results and an enabling environment. Darrell is also fluent in Japanese.

Kaina West

Marketing Coordinator

Kaina’s role is to execute marketing projects that build our brand. Additionally, Kaina offers a stellar experience with customer relations and administers sales. Kaina’s role is critical as he gets to know the customer, understands his/her goals, and recommends the best combination of parts and services to get achieve those goals. Kaina has a great deal of experience with tracking vehicles and what’s required to prepare your vehicle for the track.

Hajime Maki

Performance Technician

Hajime’s role as a performance technician is to complete all of the performance automotive work we have the privilege to take on. Hajime often works on Skylines and does a fantastic job building these cars to big horsepower levels. Additionally, Hajime is extremely skilled at all things electrical and has a very detailed engineering background. Hajime is also fluent in Japanese.

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