Federally Legal 1996 Nissan R33 GTR LM

The Shop Houston: 1996 R33 Nissan GTR LM Giveaway


How it works: This car is to be given away, free and clear to a single winner of a drawing. Upon winning, you have the option to choose to accept our 1996 R33 Nissan GTR LM or $65,000.00 cash!

How to enter: To enter to win is simple. We’ve created an exclusive sticker available for purchase on our website. For every sticker purchased you’ll receive 1 of the 1000 entries in the drawing! Only 1000 stickers are available for purchase, so grab some while supplies last! As a special gift to anyone who would like to buy multiple stickers (6+), if you use code “BONUS” upon checkout you’ll be granted a $75 coupon!

Frequently asked questions:

How is the winner selected? After all 1000 stickers are sold, we will do a live feed on our Facebook page for everyone to watch. From there we proceed to head over to to and the website will generate a number 1-1000 which will be the winner!
When is the winner announced? The live video feed on our facebook will take place within 5 business days after all the tickets have been sold.
What is the cost to enter? For each exclusive sticker purchased you qualify for 1 out of 1000 positions available for this drawing. The cost of each exclusive sticker is $125.00
How do you know when the giveaway is almost closed? There will be an inventory tracker on the product on our website letting you know how many stickers are left in stock. Once all stickers are sold, the giveaway is finished and will be filmed live within 5 business days!
Who may participate? This drawing is intended for legal residents of the 50 United States of America (USA), including the District of Columbia, and shall only be construed and evaluated according to U.S. law.




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