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We set a goal. Then we pushed ourselves past it.

Founding The Shop Houston wasn’t just a business venture effort. We founded this shop on the grounds of providing an experience, not a transaction. We founded this shop on the grounds of offering a new generation of shops. The experience we offer has an emphasis on making our customers feel like members of our family. The experience we offer has an emphasis on making our customers informed that we only offer a premium product and service. We are a people company.


    We made sure we got the right people to have on our team. Our team is comprised of irreplaceable individuals with rich and diverse backgrounds. Our team's level of experience and uniqueness is superlative. Our team works in an enabling environment with shared goals of accomplishment.


    We have seen a massive number of parts from almost all of the big names in the industry for all of the major automotive platforms. The products that we have seen offer the highest quality results and best support are the only products that we incorporate in our suggested offerings.


    We work efficiently to make your dreams become reality. We take pride in our mechanical and customer processes. We maintain regular communication with customers and keep them updated at each milestone. Your vehicle is an extension of you and it only deserves the best treatment.

Community is everything.

We never overlook the automotive community. In our eyes, the automotive community is the most critical element to our industry. We express our love to the community in a variety of ways to not only show our appreciation for the community’s passion but to also encourage the community to never lose momentum.


We spend a great deal of our time and financial resources giving back to the community. From supporting disaster relief efforts, to helping feed the homeless, to creating fundraising programs for many local and national charitable causes, and more, we get a large sense of satisfaction knowing that our shop isn’t just making the lives of our customers better, but is also helping those in need or in unfortunate circumstances.

Community Events

The Shop Houston has been known to throw a good party! On numerous occasions we organize and host car meets and fundraisers. We always go out of our way to offer a clean and fun facility for the community to gather and routinely arrange and offer food, drinks, and music.

Military, First Responder, and Law Enforcement Appreciation

We respect and are grateful for the efforts of all of the men and women that provide a service with the goal to improve our lives and protect our rights. Bravery is an understatement of what it takes to get these jobs done. We offer a discounted rate on parts and labor to say thank you.

We need to talk.

The Shop Houston


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